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As one of the Kingdom’s first fully-integrated food services companies, Herfy now produces an expanding line of bakery and processed meat products.
These products are manufactured in three modern facilities including the original Herfy Bakery Factory, the Herfy Rusk and Maamoul Factory and the new state-of the-art Herfy Meat Processing Plant.

These modern facilities now position Herfy as a major force in food products. For this reason, Herfy has created a new brand name to carry all its bakery and processed meat products. That new umbrella brand is Herfy Foods, a name envisioned to connote the highest standard of quality for everything from maamoul breads, rusks, to fully-cooked frozen chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, burgers patties— plus all of Herfy’s present and future food products

Today, Herfy new brand is trustworthy for its products, reliable for both citizens and residents equally, and appreciated by most of the companies we are dealing with.

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