Commis for Sushi Bar Needed

Commis for Sushi Bar Needed
Published on: 12th Jan, 2018 Closing date: 12th Feb, 2018

Commis for Sushi Bar Needed

Novikov Restaurant & Bar
Saudi Arabia , ar-Riyad
  • Company type: Hospitality
  • Company location: Saudi Arabia
  • Company range: International
  • Number of employees: 200+

Job Info

  • Location: ar-Riyad
  • Age range: 22 -35
  • Gender: Male
  • Salary: 2500
  • Experience: 3 year experience
  • Level: Senior level
  • Education: Bachelor's degree

Job Details

Commis for Sushi bar in Novikov Restaurant & Bar should do food preparation work and basic cooking under the supervision of a chef de partie or section chef, rotating through sections such as sauce, vegetables, fish and butchery roughly every six months.

Skills Requirements:

  • English Speaking
  • English Writing