Employer Faq

Yes. Registration is free for job advertisers or employers.

To register for free as a Job Advertiser or Employer click here

If you are new to our job portal then, you can be able to post a job by clicking on any link which says “Post a ob” . If you are an existing user then you can post a job by creating your employer’s account and click on “Post a job” on your dashboard.

In the dashboard, you will find Featured Jobs and Lates Jobs with their respective icons.

A new job posting will usually take 24 hours to appear on our job board. Also, when you edit your job description, your changes will take about 24 hours to be reflected on our job board. Likewise, if you close the job it will take 24 hours to be removed from them.

The way search results are displayed for job seekers varies among our job board partners. In general, ads are displayed based on relevancy, not posting date. To ensure that your ad is easily found by the right candidates. 

We offer a variety of subscription plans that differ based on the number of jobs you need to post.

By doing this, candidates may choose not to click our "Quick Apply" button to submit their resume and screening question answers. If they apply through our system you can view their resumes and screening question answers online as well as collaborate on rating them with your colleagues. We will email you as soon as you get a new candidate so there is no need to include your phone or email address in the job description.